Transform Self-Doubt into Confidence: The Power of a Simple 90-Day Review

published8 months ago
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Hey Reader!

How does your Today Self compare against the Future Self you imagined 90 days ago?

Your identity isn’t necessarily what you do every day.

Habit psychology teaches the science of changing self and that what we do shapes your identity.

However, habits are only part of the process.

Being caught up in a loop of self-doubt keeps you in a nasty loop. No matter what you've done or how much you've changed, it's not enough—at least not in your own mind.

I’m so stinking focused on what I haven’t accomplished, I quickly forget or minimize what I have done during the day or how I’ve improved in a specific area during a longer timeframe.

Business coach Dan Sullivan popularized the concept of the gap and the gain. Humans are wired to see the long road ahead (the Gap), and that can be exhausting.

Learning to reflect on how far you’ve come (the Gain) boosts confidence and renews your energy.

Performing a 90-day review is an essential process in my quest for renewed and sustainable self-confidence.

Tracy’s 90-day review

A simple process

  1. Review goals: annual & 90-day
  2. What actually happened: calendar & journal
  3. Write: a tool for thinking and recording

Personal footnotes:

  1. My review is in the context of 6-week cycles.
  2. The reflection questions here are a lot different from the original cycle review I published in January.
  3. I start with a notebook. Handwriting encourages brevity.
  4. The 80% “grade” in the example above reflects valuable lessons learned from the process.

It’s not just about what you’ve done the past 90 days, but about what you’ve learned.

The next step is to apply the hard-earned wisdom.

5 reflection topics to reveal 90-day gains and next steps

  1. How would you grade the percentage of goals or benchmarks completed?
  2. What worked well? Use bullet points to help you get to the point.
  3. List 3 to 5 assessments from Step 1 in the context of reflection 1 above. Don’t overthink.
  4. What have you learned about each of 3 areas:
  5. How will you tweak your framework for the next 90 days? Use bullet points.

That’s it for this week!

Thanks so much for reading.


P. S. Please let me know if this is a helpful topic for you.

Tracy Winchell

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