Digital Thinkers: My friend Kara's Obsidian setup is live!

published4 months ago
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Hey Reader!

Thanks for allowing me into your inbox twice this week. I think you're gonna love what our friend Kara Monroe is doing with Obsidian, Fantastical, and Day One.

Whether you use Tana, Obsidian, Roam, or another digital thinking tool, Kara's setup reinforces two things I've learned in 2023 about personal knowledge management and digital thinking systems:

  1. I need a single tool from which to add all your stuff.
  2. That capture tool needs to make it easy for me to route each note or item to a specific app.

Check out how Kara sets up Obsidian for daily success.

Spoiler Alert: Note to Next Day Self is easy using the Obsidian template she shows off!

video preview

One more thing about Kara's work: She's posting every day in June! Make sure you follow her on Medium and/or YouTube.


P. S. I've been using Drafts as my capture tool and keeping an interstitial journaling log in Bear. Wanna see a demo? Hit me up with a reply!

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