Take Your Note to Next Day Self on the Road: Adapting the Practice for Tana

published8 months ago
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Hey Reader!

We've had snow here this week! About 3 inches or so, which is rare in along the Arkansas River.

It has been beautiful out here in the country and away from fender-bender pile-ups.

Let's talk digital thoughts, shall we?

Hard to believe it's been 3 years since I started journaling in a Tool for Thought.

When Roam Research was still in beta, I struggled to wrap my brain around a tool that not only allowed but encouraged me to catapult a Today Tracy thought into a time or context in which Future Tracy needed the wisdom, insight, or information.

Before Roam, I had been an avid journaler for years and developed custom techniques to help rewire my brain.

My daily Note to Next Day Self was the perfect test for journaling in Roam since Note to Next Day Self is exactly a dispatch to a future self!

Roamans: Here's a demo.

Not familiar with Note to Next Day Self?
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The technique made its way into the "wild" of pioneering digital thinkers. Friends like Andy Henson (@elaptics on Twitter), Ramses Oudt, Ev Chapman, and others have modified the practice and made it their own.

Three years later and I still meet people in a cohort who tell me they use a version of the Note to Next Day Self (NTNDS) practice to help them practice self-kindness.

I'm humbled that so many people say the silly simple practice has helped them see the world differently -- and that so many of you take time to share how you are changing. It's deeply gratifying.

NTNDS Portability

While NTNDS is easily ported to LogSeq, I've struggled to adapt the practice to Obsidian. My non-techy brain has a tough time programming plug-ins.

Until relative date capabilities arrive in Tana, it's been a trick to apply NTNDS to Tana.

Ev Chapman, early in our collective Tana journeys, demonstrated two potential solutions.

Watch Ev's demo here.

Recently, I've been applying a search function link that resides inside my today template as part of my morning routine.

Loom Link

Roam and LogSeq are still best-suited for speaking wisdom and encouragement to Tomorrow You, but this is serviceable in Tana -- as is Ev Chapman's demo.

NTNDS works great in a notebook, too!

I'd love to see your practice.

P. S. Don't forget to share your thoughts and questions. I appreciate hearing from you & I will respond.

Tracy Winchell

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